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Greece threatens to seize German property as Berlin refuses to pay WWII reparations

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has accused Germany of using legal tricks to avoid paying Athens billions of dollars in World War 2 reparations. With Berlin saying it’s honored its obligations, Greece warns it could start seizing German property in the country.

With Germany refusing to budge from its position concerning the payment of war reparations, Greece’s Justice Minister said Wednesday that Athens could start seizing German assets.

Nikos Paraskevopoulos said he was “ready to approve” a Greek Supreme Court ruling in 2000 that would allow the appropriation of assets belonging to Germany’s archaeological school and the Goethe Institute. Proceeds from the property would be used to compensate the relatives of 218 civilians who were massacred by Nazi troops in a village in central Greece in June 1944.

“The law states that the minister must give the order for the Supreme Court ruling to be carried out…. I am ready to give that order,” Paraskevopoulos told Antenna TV, AFP reported……

Tegemist on üsna negatiivsete arengutega, millest keegi ei võida. Kreeka on pidevalt fookuses, kõigepealt jihadistidega Euroopa ähvardamine ja nüüd siis 2. Maailmasõja haavad veritsevad.


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