Majority of Germans say Greece should leave euro

Majority of Germans say Greece should leave euro

More than half of Germans believe Greece should leave the eurozone, according to a poll published this morning.

The Politbarometer survey released by public broadcaster ZDF found 80% believe Greece is not acting in a reliable manner in its negotiations with eurozone partners.

The proportion of respondents who think Greece should stay in the currency union has fallen to 40% from 52% two weeks ago, while 52% now believe it should leave, up from 41%.

Only 11% now think the left-wing government in Athens is behaving in a trustworthy way in talks with its EU partners.

And only 14% believe the Greek government will actually implement the austerity and reform measures it has committed to, while 82% doubt it.

80% believe Greece should get no more bailout funds if it fails to follow through on its pledges, according to the survey conducted by the Mannheim Research Group.

The poll also confirmed Chancellor Angela Merkel as the country’s most popular politician, followed in second spot by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble…..

Merkel ja Schaeuble võivad Kreekas ebapopulaarsed olla, aga koduvalijaid esindavad nad hästi.


Germans Furious After Varoufakis/Tsipras Admit “Greece Will Never Repay Its Debts”

Muidugi Kreeka valitsuselt tuleb teineteisele vastukäivaid teateid, kord ütlevad, et maksavad oma võlad, siis jälle, et ei maksa.  🙂 Maksmine ei ole eriti realistlik, mida mõlemad pooled taotlevad, mina ei tea.


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