Russian ruble seen appreciating by third this year

Russian ruble seen appreciating by third this year

(Business New Europe – – Ben Aris in Moscow – March 9, 2015)

[Charts here]

After crashing in December, Russia’s ruble has made a remarkable comeback since February by rising about 15% against the dollar, making it the best performing currency amongst the 14 in Emerging Europe so far this year, according to Bloomberg. And the appreciation of the ruble is not over, argues Alfa Bank chief economist Natalia Orlova; the ruble could appreciate by as much as a third over the rest of this year if things go well.

You don’t need a PhD in economics to see that the ruble was oversold during its collapse from the mid-50s in November to a low of RUB80 to the dollar in the depths of the panic in December. But it bounced back into the 70s and then 60s very fast………

Ja 100 dollarilist naftat pole vaja enam, et riigieelarvega probleeme ei tekiks  🙂


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