Varoufakis ja Schäuble ühte ruumi ei mahu, Varoufakis ütleb, et näpunäitamine kontekstist väljas


Schäuble loses cool in Greek war of words

…“They’ve destroyed all trust. It’s a serious setback,” Schäuble said in Berlin.

He added that he didn’t know anyone in the international institutions who understood what Athens was planning, and accused the radical-left Syriza government there of lying to their citizens.

Schäuble himself has been the target of repeated verbal sallies by members of the Greek government, while calls for Germany to pay reparations for war crimes committed during the Nazi occupation of the country have grown.

Tsipras’ visit to Berlin next Monday is intended to calm the waters between the two countries, as the Prime Minister steps forward to negotiate in place of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis…..

Varoufakis on nüüd oma sõnadest taganenud ja ütleb, et sakslastele näpunäitamine on kontekstist välja rebitud, enam ei eita, et tema seda tegi.

…The gesture was taken out of context, he argues, as it formed part of an hour-long lecture he gave in 2013 about the early days of the financial crisis in May 2010 – before Greece owed Germany any money at all….

Ma jätaksin selle siiasamasse, juhtub parimateski perekondades 🙂

Varaoufakis ja Schäuble enam ühte ruumi ära ei mahu ja nüüd sõidab Tsipras Berliini Merkeliga kohtuma.

And here is the ‘undoctored’ by the unscrupulous media’s video: 


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