Greece’s finance minister channels FDR: ‘I welcome their hatred’

Greece’s finance minister channels FDR: ‘I welcome their hatred’

….Earlier this week, a participant of the April 24 meeting in Riga, Latvia, called Varoufakis a “time-waster, a gambler, and an amateur.” And now eight participants talked to Bloomberg about how the game theorist’s brash style made the talks maddening…..

FDR, 1936: “They are unanimous in their hate for me; and I welcome their hatred.” A quotation close to my heart (& reality) these days

The only thing is YV doesn’t ever compare to FDR. At Roosevelt time Keynesian economics hadn’t shown its colors yet, so he was a pioneer and a brave one.  Syriza and Varoufakis have not come up with a plan how to bring Greece out of this mess. All they have done so far is the usual left talk : “end austerity”.  They do this without considering the facts that euro set up is wrong and you cannot have euro economy operating at full capacity without member states losing their national sovereignity. Those facts are just too uncomfortable for the modern left like Syriza.


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