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Finland embarks on ‘painful’ austerity blitz

Former PM takes finance minister job as Nordic country prepares for five years of belt-tightening

Recession-hit Finland is set for five years of painful austerity as the Nordic country finalised the details of its right-leaning coalition government.

Following nearly a month of political horse-trading, prime minister elect Juha Sipilä announced a three-party coalition made up of his liberal Central party, the populist True Finns and the conservative National Coalition party.

In a surprise to many observers, former prime minister Alex Stubb was appointed as the country’s finance minister.

Mr Stubb, who was ousted from office in the country’s April elections, will have now occupied the prime minister, foreign minister, and finance minister roles.

The touted favourite for the finance ministry job, Timo Soini of the eurosceptic True Finns, was appointed as foreign minister.

Finland has been the worst performing economy in the eurozone outside of the southern European states, having endured three years of recession…..

Et kolm aastat retsessiooni Soomes ja kärpeid ning jätkatakse samaga, aga veelgi intensiivsemalt.

Siin on üks huvitav tekst:

As I said yesterday, I place the interest of my country and its welfare above all partisanship.  I do not want to see the Government’s credit impaired or broken down for any partisan advantage, but everyone knows if we continue the present financial program of borrowing billions upon billions of dollars, with an unbalanced Budget, piling up debt upon debt, sooner or later the day of reckoning will come. None of us are prophets.  We cannot predict when that time will be.  All we know is that is we continue on this road, with no financial policy and an unbalanced Budget we are going forward on the road to bankruptcy, repudiation, and financial chaos.

Seda ütles Hamilton Fish III USA Esindajatekojas aastal 1937. Mitte midagi ei ole muutunud.    Vahepeal oli veel 2. Maailmasõda ja valitsuse kulutused kasvasid tohutult. Eks see oli vast anomaalia ja nüüd on turud targemaks saanud, nad enam ei taha rahastada suuri defitsiite ning USA võib  Kreeka olukorda sattuda.    Jaapanil on erasektoril kõvasti sääste, kui need otsa saavad, siis teevad targad rahastajad Jaapanile Kreekat  🙂


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