Presidendikandidaat Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Has More Support Than Every 2016 Republican Candidate In New Poll

According to the latest polling, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign has more support than the campaign of media favorites Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and every other Republican candidate.

The latest Quinnipiac Poll revealed that five Republicans are tied at the top of the Republican field. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee each were at 10%.

Do you know who is more popular than even the most popular 2016 Republicans? Sen. Bernie Sanders. In the same poll, Sanders was supported by 15% of Democrats for their party’s nomination. Sen. Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton 57%-15%, but his fifteen percent made him the second most popular presidential candidate in the country.

The media treats Republicans like Carly Fiorina (2%), Ted Cruz (6%), and Rand Paul (7%) like they are serious candidates, but Bernie Sanders has two to seven times more support than these three Republicans. Why does the media treat Sen. Sanders like he is token opposition to former Sec. of State Clinton instead of as the legitimately popular stand alone figure that he is?

The answer to this question is located in the media’s bias. The corporate press has convinced itself that the America is a conservative country. They believe that liberal views are not “in the mainstream.” However, recent polling shows that the country is moving left………

Et mehel populaarsust on, kuigi see pole praegu võrreldav Hillary Clintoni omaga. Arvestada tuleks veel sellega, et tegemist ei ole klouniga, kes Syriza kombel amatöörlikult blufib. Vaevalt, et nüüd valimiskampaanias MMT-d promotakse  🙂 aga töökohti ja infrastruktuuri investeeringuid on ta varemalt lubanud küll.   Majanduses on ta valinud endale õiged nõunikud.


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