Usk europrojekti on mõneti tõusnud

Usaldus europrojekti vastu on tõusnud võrreldes aastaga 2013. Väga huvitav lugemine, näiteks Podemost toidab euroskeptisism.

Faith in European Project Reviving

….Euro Support Strong

The euro was introduced as the single European currency in 1999 and is now used by 19 of the 28 member states in the European Union.

Euro Support Edges UpSince 2010, when the Pew Research Center first began asking about it, support for the euro has been quite robust in almost all the survey countries that use the currency. And euro backing is now stronger than ever in Germany, France and Spain. In 2015, more than seven-in-ten Germans (72%), French (72%) and Spanish (71%) want to keep using the euro and not return to using their previous national currencies: the deutsche mark, the franc and the peseta. Favorable views of the euro have also rebounded in Italy, where in 2014, for the first time, fewer than half of respondents wanted to keep the euro. Now, 56% of Italians want to keep the euro, up 11 points from last year.

In Spain, roughly three-quarters of the backers of the major parties want Spain to continue using the euro. But fewer than six-in-ten supporters of the left-wing Podemos party agree. In Italy, nearly three-quarters of adherents to the ruling Democratic Party want to keep the euro. Only 53% of populist, environmentalist Five Star supporters back staying with the common EU currency…….


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