Bernie Sanders just has no f*cks to give

Bernie Sanders Is Winning The Internet

……Yes, Bernie gets lots of likes on Facebook. He gets tweeted like mad. Reddit loves upvoting anything Bernie Sanders. It’s official: Bernie Sanders might be getting less buzz than Hillary Clinton in the mainstream media, but in cyber space, he’s electic!

And the reason why Sanders is winning the web is telling. Put simply, Bernie Sanders is winning the net, because he’s not trying to win the election. But if he keeps that up, he just might……

….Because Bernie Sanders is in a unique position: the position to just tell the truth. He’s not beholden to billionaires. He’s not a pawn of Wall Street. He’s not even a Democrat, or part of the two party system, not really. And he’s running in a year when it’s pretty clear who’s probably going to get the nomination. Put all the pieces together and the puzzle solves itself: Bernie Sanders has nothing to fear….

….It’s really this simple… Bernie Sanders just has no f*cks to give. He’s just gonna call ‘em how he sees ‘em. And that just might make him unstoppable.




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