Democracy on Hold: President of European Parliament Suspends Vote on Secretive U.S.-EU Trade Pact as Tide Turns Against It

Democracy on Hold: President of European Parliament Suspends Vote on Secretive U.S.-EU Trade Pact as Tide Turns Against It

Today was supposed to be a historic day — the day when hundreds of MEPs, representing hundreds of millions of European citizens, were to finally get their say on the hugely contentious EU-US trade bill commonly known as TTIP. Granted, the result would not have been binding, but a no-vote would have represented a resounding slap in the face of the European Commission.

Things began fairly auspiciously when, early on Tuesday, The Guardian reported that dissension was growing in the ranks as MEPs threatened to block the trade deal unless it guaranteed states’ rights to regulate over climate, health, and social laws. Now news is emerging that the President of the Parliament, Martin Schulz, has decided to postpone the vote altogether amidst fears that a majority of MEPs might reject the bill….

…….This is how democracy works in today’s post-democractic Europe. If an important vote seems unlikely to go the right way (i.e. the corporatocracy’s way), just suspend it until conditions improve (i.e. when nobody’s paying attention). If a pesky nation (say, France or Holland) votes against a treaty that would transform the entire continent’s political and legal structures beyond all recognition (i.e. the Nice Treaty), just pretend it never happened.

Then, when nobody’s paying attention, change the treaty’s name — say, to the Treaty of Lisbon — bury all the most contentious sections of the former treaty in the new treaty’s totally illegible annex, and forbid any other country from holding a referendum on the new treaty’s adoption. Except for Ireland, of course, which is required by its constitution to hold a national referendum whenever a new treaty, or amendments to an existing treaty, are proposed by the Union. When the Irish people, like the French and the Dutch before them, delivered a resounding”NO” to the new treaty, the EU just order them to vote again ’til they get the right answer — which they eventually did, in the end……..

Meie meedia vaikib, inimesed ei tea, et ettevalmistamisel on lepingud USA-ga, kus investoritel on võimalik riikide parlamentidest teerulliga üle sõita. Asja aetakse saladuskatte all, et rahvas mingil juhul ei teaks, millega tegemist on. Martin Schulz on “suurepärane sotsiaaldemokraat”.  Minu mäletamist mööda rääkis Marju Lauristin temast positiivselt.  🙂


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