Bernie Sanders, according to my 19 year old daughter.

We had a conversation about Bernie’s appeal to young people, after she told me that he’s becoming quite popular with them on social media. I asked her why – what is it about Bernie Sanders that is appealing to them? After all, he’s an old white Jewish guy from the northeast.

She thought about it for a minute, then told me this…..

None of that matters about him, no one cares. What matters is how direct he is, how he just lays everything out without any bells and whistles. She said that most politicians, like the other candidates (no matter which party), don’t say anything all that important. It’s as if they intentionally talk around questions and say things to confuse people, they change their minds and come across as phonies.

She says they like him because Bernie doesn’t put on a show, he explains things in a way that are easy to understand and he answers questions. He is ‘for’ everyone in this country, not just a select group of people. What he says, the things he wants to do, help everyone. They are paying attention to him because he’s sincere in his message. No bullshit.


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