Eurojõmmidel on junn jahe

by Mike Norman

Amazing what some backbone will achieve. Euro “bullies” now backtracking, lying, throwing love…

Amazing what some backbone will  achieve. Now the bulliies are getting nervous. Juncker lying and backtracking. IMF’s Lagarde throwing some “love.”

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker says he never wage and pension cuts. #Bullshit!

Begs Greek people to vote “Yes” on referendum to stay in the Eurozone. #ScaredShitless

Here’s Lagarde:

But as far as we are concerned, Greece is a member of the euro zone. When they are prepared to talk, and to continue negotiations, we stand ready to do that. we have constantly in the last few days showed a lot of willingness to progress, flexibility in what they can adjust to. And we stand ready to continue to doing that.

Willingness to progress? Flexibility? What a fucking joke.

Too bad Tsipras didn’t do this right from the start.


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