Varoufakis, astu tagasi

Varoufakis threatens to quit if Greeks vote “YES” in referendum. Why wait?

Do it, bro!

Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, went from writing obscure economic articles as an academic to the ministerial head of a country at the center of one of the greatest global monetary debacles of all time.

Let’s face it: Varoufakis is in way over his head. He should go back to being an unknown academic who writes obscure economic articles.

What kind of a drama queen threat is this: “I’ll quit if my country votes yes.” Seriously? Varoufakis had ample time to galvanize his countrymen against the destructive and usurious demands of the Troika. He also had a lot of time to convince them it would be better to leave the euro.

Don’t wait for Sunday, Yanis. Quit today. The Greek people deserve better.

Ma arvan, et kui “jah” tuleb referendumil, siis läheb Syriza valitsus kohe laiali. “Ei” korral ehk võtab see kauem aega. Minu arvates on moraal loost selline, et inimesi, kes esinevad populistlike loosungitega, valida ei tohi.


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