Kommentaarid on liigsed

Kommentaarid on liigsed. Varoufakis päästis oma näo, aga oli algusest peale populistide hulgas, kes rahvale valetasid. Tsipras ja Varoufakis mõlemad teadsid, et kasinust ei saa lõpetada ja euroga jätkata. Oleks vist palju tahta ausaid poliitikuid, kes rahvale ütleksid, et euro on vigane.

“Tsipras Has Just Destroyed Greece”

This is basically the same proposal as that was just rejected by the Greek people in the referendum…This makes absolutely no sense. The Tsipras Government has just:

  • renegotiated itself into the same position it was in two months ago;
  • set massively false expectations with the Greek public;
  • destroyed the Greek banking system, and
  • destroyed what was left of Greek political capital in EU.

If this deal gets through the Greek Parliament, and it could given everyone other than the ruling party and Golden Dawn are in favour of austerity, then Greece has just destroyed itself to no purpose.


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Defitsiidi terrorismi vastase pataljoni eriüksuslane (finantsignorantsuse vastu võitlemise osakond). Treening: MMT, postkeinsism, Tartu Ülikool Majandusteadus
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