Noored euroskeptikud


A Rising Generation Of Eurosceptics

…..Millennials see these extreme parties as a fresh alternative and an opportunity for a new start. In most European countries, according to Pew, 18- to 29-year-olds are just as likely as their parents—if not more—to think that the rise of Eurosceptic parties is “a good thing” because “they raise important issues that are ignored by traditional parties.” It’s no surprise that Eurosceptic parties are energetically reaching out to young voters. The Young European Alliance for Hope, jointly sponsored by right-wing parties in France, Austria, Belgium, and Sweden, has no real cross-aisle counterpart.

This environment does not bode well for the future of the European Union. The optimism of those who once saw the EU as a pillar of peace has morphed into bleak forecasts of its disintegration. According to U.S. geostrategist George Friedman, Europeans are now “fragmenting… back to the nation-states that compose them, and back into the history they wanted to transcend.”

Attitudes toward the EU reflect a stark generational divide. For Silent Europeans, reverting to a pre-EU world would be a huge step backwards. Nationalism is a force that needs to be suppressed to prevent Europe from redescending into the horrors they recall from their youth. European Boomers share this anti-nationalist sentiment—though for them it’s more an anti-institutional sentiment…….

Noorte seas on euroskeptilisus tõusmas. EL on kaotamas oma legitiimsust, sest ei saa tööpuuduse ja majandusega hakkama. Nüüd on  tagatipuks veel rändekriis, mis on EL-i pannud keerulisse olukorda. Öelge mõned põhjused, miks peaks Poola euroga liituma? Ma pigem julgen loetu põhjal öelda, et tegemist pole niivõrd natsionalismiga kui alternatiivi otsimisega/alternatiivi puudumisega.  Syriza on alternatiiv? Või sotsiaaldemokraatlik sült Euroopas?


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