Poola ei aktsepteeri põgenikekvoote, valitsuse pressikonverentsilt on EL-i lipud kõrvaldatud


Poland’s new PM says the country will not accept an EU quota of 4,500 refugees in the wake of the Paris terror attacks

……..Meanwhile Mrs Syzdlo risked provoking more divisions with the EU when journalists gathered for her press conference yesterday discovered the blue and gold star-studded European Union flag was not on display, only the red and white Polish one.

The new Polish government, which won the election after eight years in opposition supports the country’s EU membership but is eurosceptic and desires greater independence from Brussels.

Asked about the missing flag, Mrs Szydlo said: ‘We’re an active EU member… but we adopted the approach that statements after government meetings will take place against a backdrop of the most beautiful … white-and-red flags.”

‘We’re going to pursue a policy that, while appreciating our EU membership, secures maximum benefit for our Polish citizens, for Poland’s economy and for our homeland.

‘I’m very happy that in today’s difficult times we are members of the EU and NATO.’



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