If you want an end to austerity, here’s why you should vote to leave the EU


If you want an end to austerity, here’s why you should vote to leave the EU

I want to see the election of a Labour government: I want to see an end to austerity, key services like our railways back into public ownership, and the NHS protected from privatisation.  But Britain’s membership of the European Union threatens the ability of a democratically elected government to do any of this.

The EU we are being asked to remain a member of is no longer the advocate of a “social Europe”.    Where the Europe of Jacques Delors appeared to offer some defence against the Thatcherite onslaught witnessed here in Britain, today’s EU is a key agent and driver of that neoliberalism.  Those real social gains which remain in EU law from this period are under threat.  It is no coincidence that the big battalions of capital in Britain – the CBI, the Financial Times, the City of London – all stand squarely in favour of staying “In”…..


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