Järjest rohkem moslemeid toetab Le Peni


….Opposing them are Muslims like Boudia, some of whom have started a Facebook page called ‘We are Muslims and Proud to vote for Marine Le Pen‘. Another person is Karim Ouchikh, an administrator for Rassemblement bleu Marine, a political organisation affiliated to the FN. His parents were Berbers from northern Algeria who arrived in France in the early 1960s and abandoned their language and their customs to immerse themselves in the new culture. The problem now, he says, ‘is that since then a huge number of foreigners have arrived and formed enclaves’. In an interview with Le Point magazine in October, Ouchikh explained that he turned to the Front National because he was dismayed at the rising number of young Muslim men adopting the dress and beards of the ultra-conservative Salafists, people he describes as ‘provocateurs’….

….The failure of both Francois Hollande’s and Nicolas Sarkozy’s governments to tackle Islamic extremism in France has left many Muslims feeling abandoned by the traditional politicians. In late October Paris’s daily tabloid, Le Parisien, visited Seine-Saint-Denis to see what headway the FN was making in its bid to attract disillusioned voters. Those who talked did so on the condition of anonymity but what they said was illuminating. ‘I want to see Marine Le Pen in the Elysee,’ said one person. ‘Hollande, Sarko, they’re clones. The FN are the only ones to be firm.’ Similarly, a woman called Nabila said she intended to vote for the FN. ‘She [Marine Le Pen] is not like her father. She’s not 100 percent racist. I’m Muslim but I don’t find it normal that there are so many illegal immigrants coming. The Left, the Right, they’ve never changed anything. So why not her?’…..

Le Pen’s National Front… It’s Not All Bad

…However, the idea that France’s ruling Socialists and the other establishment party, the more conservative Republicans, stand as a bulwark against a slide towards fascism is a travesty. They are both part of the deep malaise in French politics – a malaise that afflicts most European states. As in the United States, the two-party system is just two sides of the same coin. Namely, a plutocracy of elite rulers under a bankrupt capitalist system that parasites off the majority of people, and which thrives on militarism and war.

So, the rise of the populist National Front in France is less something to fear as an ominous shift towards fascism. It is more a sign of an awakening among people that signals a correct cognisance that the established order is obsolete as a democratic choice. In a strange way, the rise of the NF could be welcomed as a symptom of collapse in the prevailing establishment, an established order which has for decades promoted elitist rule, widening poverty and warmongering.

What really has the establishment in France rattled is not so much the alleged rise in far-right politics, but the collapse of its own legitimacy in the eyes of the electorate. Ironically, the establishment is evoking a fear of the dark past in an attempt to rally voters to their reprehensible elitist fold……

….But worryingly for Sarkozy’s Republicans, the NF is polling strongly across the country and all demographic groups……

Ma ei eita rassismi eksisteerimist Euroopas ega kuskil mujal, aga sallimatust on alati olnud. Pigem on praegu tegemist suuresti rahva hirmutamisega poliitilise eliidi poolt, kuna viimane tajub, et on legitiimsust kaotamas valijate seas.

A rise to power by Le Pen maybe is not welcome, but its shake-up of the bankrupt plutocracy is.

The prosecution has no further questions   🙂


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