Le Pen on siin, et jääda


UPDATE 3-French far-right in last push as polls predict election defeats

PARIS, Dec 10 (Reuters) – French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Thursday lashed out at what she called “undemocratic” behaviour by mainstream parties after polls showed tactical voting could keep her party out of power in key regions.

The Front came first nationally in the regional elections’ first round on Dec. 6 and led in six regions out of 13, including the north where Le Pen is standing and the southeast, where her niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen is the lead candidate.

Since then, however, the third-placed Socialist Party has pulled out of the race in both those key regions, urging its supporters to back Nicolas Sarkozy’s Republicans in the run-offs on Dec.13 to keep the Front out of power.

Opinion polls on Wednesday and Thursday in three of regions targeted by the Front showed voters heeding the Socialist call to vote for the conservatives, although in two regions the outcome was within the margin of error.

“They can do nothing against the survival instinct of the people,” Le Pen said, urging supporters to vote massively in Sunday’s decisive second round vote to counter what she called a “state defamation campaign … unworthy of a modern democracy”.

Mainstream parteid plaanivad kambakat Le Peni juhitavale NF-le. Meil Eestis on sellist poliitikat viljeletud Savisaare ja Keskerakonna vastu.  Ma arvan, et kui nad seda teevad, siis Le Peni võimalus presidendivalimised võita suureneb. Meil Eestis ka ei ole see Savisaare populaarsust alla viinud.

Mis puudutab jutte, et Le Pen on paremradikaal, siis need jutud ei vasta tõele. Ta on enda partei nö peavoolu viinud sellel tasandil, ta loopis natsid ja radikaalid parteist välja. Kui arvata radikaalseks ja mittepühaks ideeks näiteks eurost loobumist ja edasisele Euroopa integratsioonile piduri tõmbamist, siis on ta küll radikaal. NF-i ei saa näiteks võrrelda Golden Dawn’iga Kreekas.

Ma olen nõus selle artikliga, mis väidab, et Le Pen on lähemal Charles de Gaulle’i demokraatlikule natsionalismile kui paremäärmuslikule natsionalismile.

After Paris, Marine Le Pen’s National Front Is Here to Stay

….The speech she delivered last Sunday after the vote was quite remarkable in that respect: she said that the National Front stood for “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (“Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, the French Republic’s motto) as well as Laïcité” (the separation of Church and State). She said that it was embracing every French citizen who subscribed to such principles, whatever his or her ethnic or religious background…..

Samuti ei tee Marine Le Pen erinevalt oma isast juudivastaseid avaldusi.

Ma pean selliseid arenguid positiivseks. Eksisteerib võimalus, et tõepoolest poliitiline eliit Euroopas teeb sellest järeldused. Kui mitte, siis mingit katastroofi sellest ka ei tule, kui EL laguneb. Järelikult see peab lagunema, kui ei suuda valijatele seda kohale toimetada, mida need ootavad ja loodavad. Ma saan aru, et tegemist on üsna keerukate küsimustega ja ma ei arva, et Le Pen oleks imetegija.  Samas ma saan aru prantsuse valijast, kes on pettunud peavoolu parteides (peamine põhjus on majandus, prantsuse valija ei talu kõrget tööpuudust).  Le Penile on igasugu hirmutavaid silte külge kleebitud ning paljud on nõus ükskõik millega, aga mitte natsionalismiga, seega võib oletada, et rahulolematus on veelgi suurem, kui valimistulemused seda lubavad arvata. Aga tundub küll, et EL laguneb, kui Le Pen’i populaarsus oluliselt kasvama peaks.


From the Interview with Marine Le Pen: “I Don’t Want this European Soviet Union’, Spiegel (3 June 2014) :

“The EU is deeply harmful, it is an anti-democratic monster. I want to prevent it from becoming fatter, from continuing to breathe, from grabbing everything with its paws and from extending its tentacles into all areas of our legislation. In our glorious history, millions have died to ensure that our country remains free. Today, we are simply allowing our right to self-determination to be stolen from us.”

The “National Front” is a phenomena which could qualify in Karl Popper’s dictionary as an enemy of the globalist American “open society”.  The liberal system will do everything to block the victory of the “National Front”. The situation will be clear on the 13th of December – after the second round of the regional elections.


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