Finland should exit the euro

bt Bill Mitchell

Finland should exit the euro

I think the progressive side of politics has a real problem when it is increasingly gazumped in policy insights by politicians and/or commentators from the populist, xenophobic, racist, homophobic, far right-wing. Whether Finland’s Foreign Minister Timo Soini is all of those things or just nationalistic and far right (one of the members of his Finns party wants homosexuals and some foreigners rounded up and sent to some remote Baltic Sea island), he is certainly correct when he told the press yesterday that “Finland should never have signed up to the single currency union” and “could have resorted to devaluations had it not been for its Euro membership”……….

Minu meelest on probleem pigem selles, et see “progressive side of politics” hüüab välja üksikuid poliitkorrektseid lauseid, millel pole konteksti üldse ja eraldivõetuna on nad õiged, head ja üllad. Kes ei tahaks ühist Euroopat, kus oleks majandusõitseng, poleks sõdasid ja ksenofoobiat. Või kas pole õige pagulastele varjupaika anda? See, et meil pole araabia keelt kõnelevaid inimesi, saadame oma inimesi välismaale põhjendusega, et oleme liiga vaesed jne, on kontekst. See, et Euroopas on rahvusriigid ning pole tsentraalset keskvalitsust, on kontekst.  See, et inimesed Euroopa rahvusriikides ei taha föderalismi, on kontekst.


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