How the EU could collapse in 2016

How the EU could collapse in 2016

Rather than protect Europeans, the EU itself has become the greatest threat to our continent

Arrogance, stubbornness and complacency have characterised the response of Brussels to David Cameron’s strategy for renegotiating Britain’s relationship with the European Union. In advance of the British referendum on membership, which must be held by the end of 2017, the Prime Minister has asked for only the most modest package of reforms. Yet the unbending EU leaders have refused to concede any ground. Even a minor change in migrants’ rights to claim welfare has been rejected.

Such a defiant stance could be seen as supreme confidence in the European project. British calls for change are dismissed out of hand because nothing is allowed to challenge the drive towards “ever closer union.” In the dogmatic mindset of the EU’s ruling elite, the ultimate triumph of the federal superstate is an inevitability.

But this mood of self-assurance is grossly misplaced. The reality is that, despite the dismissiveness towards Cameron’s modest plan, the EU is in desperate trouble. The edifice of federalism is crumbling, broken by its own ruinous contradictions and spectacular failures. The creators of the European Union promised to bring peace and prosperity. But through their grandiose folly, they have fuelled only debt, despair and disintegration.

The EU lacks any kind of democratic legitimacy, which means that the end could come sooner than the politicians imagine. After all, the apartheid regime in South Africa collapsed with dramatic suddenness in the early 1990s, as did the Communist governments of Russia and eastern Europe in the late 1980s…….

Mul kristallist kera pole, aga kala hakkab mädanema peast ja minu hinnangul mädaneb EL-i pea üsna tugevasti.


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