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Bill Mitchell kirjutab hästi:

Democracy in Europe requires Eurozone breakup

On December 21, 2015, there was an article on the Social Europe portal – A New Plan for Greece And Europe: A Defining Moment For European Social Democracy – which I found interesting, though very incomplete, given its title. In fact, the ‘New Plan’ is really a series of fairly general statements, which at times, are somewhat inconsistent if you extend them into the necessary detail that they imply. For example, one of their key observations is that within the European Union there is a “wide and growing gap between national control over budgets that people have voted for and the post-national governance imposed on them”. Which would suggest that the solution requires that there is an aligning of the fiscal responsibility and control at the level of the currency-issuing unit. However, there is no hint of that in their ‘Plan’. They talk about an “Enhanced respect for the fiscal sovereignty of Greece” but fail to articulate how that can occur within the common currency when the Greek government has no currency-issuing capacity. Of course, if we want to increase the fiscal sovereignty of any Eurozone nation, then the only sustainable way of doing that is for that nation to re-establish its own currency and exit the monetary union. However, this would appear contrary to their “pan-European” sentiments, which dominate their overall vision. In short, once again the bogey person of the pan-European appears to be taken as a given and then specific matters that might appear inconsistent with that old ‘social democratic’ obsession in Europe are glossed over.

Let’s be frank: there will never be a functional European-level federation where the fiscal responsibility coincides with the currency-issuing capacity of the single central bank and which seeks its policy mandate in broad elections with universal suffrage.

If there could be such a organisation, then the common currency could clearly work despite the differences in economic structure of the Eurozone Member States…….

Muidugi ei tule sellist föderatsiooni. Võib olla pisut kohatu võrdlus, aga teatav sarnasus 80-date alguse ENSV-ga on minu meelest. Ei olnud veel IME-st rääkijaid ega iseseisvast Eestist pajatajaid. Vaevalt, et kedagi enam vangi siis selle eest pandi.  Arvan, et praegu satuksid eurost loobumisest rääkijad avalikkuse surve alla, kaotaksid kiiresti toetuse ja peaksid poliitikast lahkuma. Aeg ei tundu veel küps olevat.

Kui võrdlevat momenti tekitada, siis Tsipras käis Moskvas rääkimas ja oma liiduvabariigile paremaid majandustingimusi kauplemas. Liidust väljaastumine oli veel tabuteema. Tsipras ja Varoufakis kinnitasid, et neil ei ole kavatsust sotsialistlikult teelt kõrvale astuda ning nad jätkavad partei eeskujul Lenini ideede elluviimist.  See on retoorika, isegi Arnold Rüütel kasutas umbes taolist retoorikat omal ajal ja me ei heida seda talle ette.  Kunagi vaatame ehk tagasi ja ütleme: aeg oli selline…..


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