EL-i vastased meeleolud

Mul on hea meel teatada, et blogosfääris on toimunud kvalitatiivne muutus. Õigemini küll blogosfääri sellises osas, mida mina loen. Kui enne Kreeka jama oldi kahevahel ja isegi toetati EL-i ning eurot, siis nüüd kirjutatakse, et UK peab EL-st välja astuma.  Inimesed UK-st räägivad, et tahavad endale suveräänset parlamenti, et nad ei peaks “koolidirektorit” valima, kel võimu midagi muuta pole. Ei tea muidugi, mis referendum toob ja lagunemine võib kauem aega võtta.  Mina jään pöialt hoidma, et rutem ära laguneks see monstrum.

Bill Mitchell kirjutab:

If I was in Britain I would not want to be in the EU

The foundations of national sovereignty are the currency-issuing capacity of the national government. The foundations of a democracy include the ability of the citizens of that currency zone (the ‘national government’) to choose the political representatives at regular intervals who will make decisions on their behalf. A direct chain of responsibility between the elected officials to the voters is thus established and the citizens can take action accordingly if they feel they are being disadvantaged by the legislative outcomes. The anathema of this sort of direct responsibility and accountability is the European Union, which is cabal ruled by unelected officials (in the conventional sense) who are not held accountable for their decisions, no matter how poor they turn out to be. The history of the Eurozone is one of policy failure with millions of people rendered unemployed, in poverty, or otherwise disadvantaged by the destructive decisions made by successive European Commission administrations.

Lord Keynes kirjutab

Britain should abandon the Neoliberal Train Wreck that is the EU

As should other countries: it’s plain common sense.

The EU and Eurozone are catastrophic. Of course, sanity prevailed and the UK never joined the Eurozone, but the EU itself is still catastrophic.

Britain should leave the EU as quickly as possible, for the following reasons:

(1) to protect the UK’s economic and political sovereignty;

(2) to protect its democracy;

(3) to protect its welfare state and social services;

(4) to have some hope for a Post Keynesian-style or MMT-style economic policy in the future;

(5) to take control of its borders and immigration policy, because the EU open borders policy is disastrous – disastrous for the welfare state, the working class, the real wage, the employment prospects of the British people and its very social cohesion…..


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