QE2 and the Arab Spring. Cause or coincidence?

See on nüüd üsna tüüpiline vulgaarsete interneti “majandusteadlaste” MMT käsitlus:

QE2 and the Arab Spring. Cause or coincidence?

Modern Money Theory is a catchphrase I seem to hear a lot these days, usually put forward by social democrats and small ‘l’ liberals as a panacea to a collapsing world economy.

The theory goes that under a fiat currency deficit spending is innocuous – governments who print their own money don’t need to raise taxes in order to spend, so long as the amount of money in circulation does not exceed the total value of goods and services in the economy. When money is simply numbers in a computer somewhere, not tied to a physical asset such as gold, governments can basically print as much as they can spend without causing inflation. Seems plausible.

Tähelepanuväärne on see, et USA dollar on “useless currency” ja website küsib annetusi selles kasutus valuutas     🙂    tea, mis nad peale hakkavad sellega?

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