Why Poor White Males are the Core of Trump’s Support

by Ian Welsh

Why Poor White Males are the Core of Trump’s Support

This is not hard to understand.

Wages for working class white males peaked in 1968.

That’s fourty-eight years ago.  Coincidentally, I was born 1968.

I am not young.

For the entire working lives of working class males things have been getting worse.

“Free trade” has not worked for them.  China joined the WTO in 2,000.  Here’s what happened.

Imagine that chart adjusted for population increases.

So, for damn near 48 years, poor whites have done terribly.  For fourty-eight years ordinary politicians have promised to do something about it, and nothing has improved.

Do not tell me, or them, that they are “privileged”.  Yes, it is better to be a poor white than a poor black, and better to be a poor white man than a poor white woman, but people who are in pain do not react well to some smug upper-middle class jerk telling them they are privileged when their lives are clearly terrible.

It is a FACT that working class whites will not see any improvement worth mentioning under any normal politician, including Clinton.  They may see an improvement under Trump, they certainly would under Sanders.

They are voting what they see as their interests, and they are not necessarily wrong.  Certainly Trump is more likely to help than Clinton, since the chance of Clinton doing so is zero.  Zip.  Nada……..


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