I Support Brexit Because I’m Left-Wing, Not in Spite of It

Huffington Post

I Support Brexit Because I’m Left-Wing, Not in Spite of It

…The reasons today for lefties to be opposed to the European Union are as good as at any point in the past. For starters, the idea of a European Union, a racket of rich European countries uniting to exclude poorer countries goes against left-wing ideals of equality and fairness. The tariffs imposed by the EU against African and Asian countries make it much harder for poor African farmers, for example, to export grain or other goods to European countries. The idea that we should leave the EU-club so that we can trade with the rest of the world has been trotted out time-and-time again by the right-winger “Brexiteers”, but few realise that not only does the UK stand to gain from increased trade with fast-growing BRIC countries, but millions could be lifted from poverty outside of the EU if we left……


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