Brexit would be the worst of all worlds, says Varoufakis

Brexit would be the worst of all worlds, says Varoufakis

…He and Lucas clashed with the other panellist, journalist and filmmaker Tariq Ali, who called the EU a “machine for neoliberal capitalism” and said that a UK departure would not result in economic chaos. He dismissed Varoufakis’s belief that electing progressive governments across Europe that could spur reform of the EU and blamed the bloc for the rise of the far right in countries such as Germany and France.

Despite rising xenophobia across the continent, Ali denied Varoufakis’s suggestion that fascism was a serious threat in Europe: “It’s cuckooland.” Ali suggested that a vote for Brexit could split the Conservative party to an unprecedented degree. If that was the price to pay for a UK departure from Europe, he said: “I wouldn’t be too upset.”…….


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