Keel, mida poliitikud mõistavad

Ainuke keel, millest poliitikud aru saavad, on see, kui sa valimas käid. Sa võid ükskõik mida natsionalistide kohta arvata või öelda, aga praegu on nad ainuke jõud eurotsoonis, kes midagi muudavad.

Schaeuble vs Draghi

…On Friday evening in Kronberg near Frankfurt, Schaeuble received the Wolfram-Engels prizefrom the Stiftung Marktwirtschaft, a foundation, which according to its website, stands for“Ordoliberal thinking and action”. This was a group receptive to Schaeuble’s message and he didn’t disappoint. In comments that were picked up by a Dow Jones reporter, Schaeuble went so far as to blame Draghi for the rise of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a new anti-immigration, anti-euro party that surged into three regional parliaments last month with stunningly strong scores. The party is seen as a rising threat to Schaeuble’s CDU and its Bavarian allies, the CSU.  Here is the Schaeuble quote from the DJ story: “I said to Mario Draghi…be very proud: you can attribute 50% of the results of a party that seems to be new and successful in Germany to the design of this [monetary] policy.”…

“go go Mario” neoconid kritiseerivad nüüd monetaarpoliitikat, keskpank pidi ju sõltumatu ja iseseisev olema.



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