Eurokraat: EL-l on aeg referendumid keelata

See ei ole üllatus, demokraatia rahvusriikides on selgelt pinnuks silmas eurokraatidele. Pane tähele selle maniaki mõttevälgatust:

Sometimes referenda are forced upon governments if there is sufficient voter support

Mõelda vaid, rahvas oma tahtega sunnib valitsust millekski, selline asi peab lõppema. Püha üritus on tähtsam rahva tahtest ja valitsuses on targemad inimesed. Tsiteerides Jürgen Ligi: on asju, mida ei saa lasta rahval otsustada, sest neil pole selleks teadmisi. Lihtsurelikel pole, aga Ligi taolistel väljavalitutel on.




Look no further than this top Eurocrat for proof of Brussels’ loathing for democracy. After Dutch voters had the gall to defy the EU last week, Fraser Cameron, a former senior adviser to the Commission, wrote this on why “it is time for an EU ban on referenda”. 

“Referenda are becoming a huge problem for the EU. The latest result in the Netherlands on the Association Agreement with Ukraine is probably the worst possible outcome. If the turnout had been below 30% the Dutch government could have safely ignored the vote…

Undoubtedly there is a growing trend towards referenda. There have been over 50 in the last twenty years. Sometimes referenda are forced upon governments if there is sufficient voter support, as was the case in the Netherlands… Perhaps it is time for an EU ban on referenda!”

Pesky democracy, getting in the way of the European super-state…

UPDATE: UKIP’s Steven Woolfe gets in touch:

“Here is the EU’s disdain for democracy exposed. Fraser Cameron worked as a senior adviser to the Commission for a decade and his is a view held by many in the corridors of Brussels. He and his fellow apparatchiks don’t want the people to have a say in the future development of the European Superstate.”


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