Why Greeks are ditching the euro for digital barter systems

When Makis Gounaris, a financial consultant based in Athens, decided to hire Spartan Security Ltd. to protect his apartment in September, he was told to choose from three payment options: cash, credit, or barter.

Gounaris paid his entire bill in “TradePoints” using Greek barter network TradeNow.

“It was a good deal,” said Gounaris, who was general secretary for public property at the Greek Ministry of Finance between 2012 and 2015. “I had already gathered quite a few TradePoints by bartering my old glasses, a digital piano and an electric razor.”

Such deals are increasingly common in Greece. As the country has moved into the latest chapter of its economic redevelopment, a barter economy that grew in popularity amid last summer’s strict capital controls has matured into what proponents say could be framework for a cashless economy…..

Kreeka puhul on ilmselge, et euro ei tööta, aga eurokommunistidele on see nagu hane selga vesi.


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