Brexit shows the Left arguing fiercely in favour of a club for capitalists

Brexit shows the Left arguing fiercely in favour of a club for capitalists


The strangest part of the Brexit referendum is the way that Left and Right in Britain have lined up on the opposite sides of where you’d expect them to be. The Leave campaign is being led largely by Conservatives, who have long wanted out of the EU. The Remain campaign got a big boost this  month when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made a big speech in favour of staying in.

But there is nothing particularly conservative about leaving the EU: Sovereignty and the devolution of power have historically been left-wing causes. It was a Labour government that devolved powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some Labour party MPs like Tristram Hunt believe they didn’t go far enough when last in government. They have looked on with jealousy as David Cameron’s Conservatives move power to the “Northern Powerhouse” region of cities around Liverpool and Manchester. Self-determination has long been a left-wing thing.

More pointedly, there is nothing particularly left-wing about remaining in Europe. If there is one thing that the experience of Greece ought to have taught the Left, it’s that Europe is an undemocratic club for capitalists whose finances are run largely for the benefit of international banks……



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