Sanders toetab tööprogrammi

Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover Exclusive on The Real News

SANDERS: First of all, thank you for recognizing what too few people do recognize, and that is when you have unemployment rates of 30, 40, 50 percent, when kids have no opportunity to stand on their own two feet, go out in the adult world, become independent, bad things happen. That’s a crisis that has got to be dealt with. So in addition to proposing a trillion-dollar jobs program, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, what we also have proposed is a program along with Congressman John Conyers, which focuses on youth unemployment, specifically putting young people to work, putting them in school, getting them the job training that they need. Because at the end of the day if kids have some income, and they’re doing some constructive activity, the likelihood that they get mixed up in illegal activity is much, much less.So focusing on young people especially, providing jobs and education rather than jails and incarceration would be a major priority of a Sanders administration.

JAY: And the delivery of that, would you consider a Roosevelt-style direct federal jobs program, perhaps targeting the inner cities like Baltimore?

SANDERS: Absolutely. I mean, you–.

JAY: Because when it’s come through the cities and the states a lot of times ordinary people don’t get the money.

SANDERS: That is exactly right. There are two elements. Number one, we have to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. That is, our roads and our bridges, our water systems, our waste water plants, airports, rail, et cetera, et cetera. But second of all, when we talk about job creation the federal money has got to go into those areas that need it the most. And what is happening in inner cities all over this country is a story that is not being effectively told. But we have crisis after crisis after crisis. Crumbling public school systems, high unemployment, mass incarceration rates. We’ve got to start focusing on rebuilding inner cities in America.

JAY: So a direct federally-funded jobs program is on the table with you.

SANDERS: Absolutely.

Sanders toetab föderaalvalitsuse poolt rahastatud tööprogrammi. Sandersit ei tasu segamini ajada nn progressiivsete agendaga, nn nut case’dega, kes räägivad tingimusteta põhisissetulekust.


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