Eurozone’s so-called recovery masks a dark secret: mercantilism

Eurozone’s so-called recovery masks a dark secret: mercantilism

  1. fiscal austerity leaves export expansion as the only source of recovery;
  2. with no devaluation option, the government of each country must force wages down to reduce production costs;
  3. the low wage route binds the government and the country into persistently depressed domestic demand;
  4. export-led recovery becomes permanent export-led growth; and
  5. since every export surplus has a deficit to match it, the strategy represents, quite literally, “beggar thy neighbour”, as surplus countries recover and deficit countries stagnate……

….Export-led growth is the bad economics of the early 18th century.  Reviving it in pursuit of persistent trade surpluses will fatally undermine the euro zone, then the European Union itself……


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