Trump Is Now Running to the Left of Sanders on Federal Debt

Trump ütles lihtsalt midagi tervemõistuslikku, mis on tõsi. Selle järgi liigitatakse sind vasakpoolsemaks kui Sanders. Greenspan ja  Puhvet on ka siis Berniest vasakul? Wray on valmis Trumpi õnnitlema.


Trump Is Now Running to the Left of Sanders on Federal Debt

….Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks didn’t immediately respond to an e-mailed request for comment.

Modern Money Theory has gained converts amid sluggish global demand in recent years by arguing that while running up the deficit does eventually have limits, there’s plenty of room to spend without triggering inflation. Instead of worrying about balancing the budget, policy makers should focus on putting the unemployed back to work, for instance.

“This is a Nixon-goes-to-China moment,” Randy Wray, an economics professor at the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College in New York and one of the doctrine’s founders, said in an e-mail about Trump’s latest comments. There will be “a Republican far to the left of the Democratic party apparatus who wants to promote rising living standards of Americans.”

Congratulating Trump

Wray said he expects Trump will continue a two-pronged theme of advocating for jobs and wage increases, while calming fears about the resulting deficits. And while he remains a Sanders supporter, Wray said he “wouldn’t hesitate to congratulate Trump where he deserves it,” and projects Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton “would continue to bankrupt the nation,” primarily through budget-tightening……


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