Olivier Blanchard IMF-st peksab sajaga segast

Ja sina lootsid, et nad suudavad kuidagi Euroopa võlakriisi lahendada…..

Olivier Blanchard eyes ugly ‘end game’ for Japan on debt spiral

Japan is heading for a full-blown solvency crisis as the country runs out of local investors and may ultimately be forced to inflate away its debt in a desperate end-game, one of the world’s most influential economists has warned.

Olivier Blanchard, former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, said zero interest rates have disguised the underlying danger posed by Japan’s public debt, likely to reach 250pc of GDP this year and spiralling upwards on an unsustainable trajectory.

“To our surprise, Japanese retirees have been willing to hold government debt at zero rates, but the marginal investor will soon not be a Japanese retiree,” he said.

Prof Blanchard said the Japanese treasury will have to tap foreign funds to plug the gap and this will prove far more costly, threatening to bring the long-feared funding crisis to a head……..

Ime, et nad Jaapanile ei ole teinud ettepanekut euroga liituda. Jeenivõla võiks eurovõlaks konverteerida. Kui seda ruttu teha, siis oleks Jaapanis ehk juba sügiseks võlakriis.  Saaksid Ahto Lobjakas ja Viljar Veebel ürituse korraldada”Kuidas lahendada Jaapani võlakriis”.


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