Uus maksudirektiiv

by ZeroHedge

Introducing Europe’s Frightening New Tax Directive

,,,,A few days ago, for instance, the European Commission released details of a tax directive that will create a pan-European tax system, complete with a brand new Tax ID number for all the good citizens of Europe.

The proposal also aims to increase taxes across the board if they feel that a member state (like Ireland) doesn’t charge enough tax.

According to the proposal, other European countries like Ireland and Estonia “distort competition by granting favourable tax arrangements.”

Apparently it’s not ‘fair’ that high-tax France and Belgium have to compete with low-tax Ireland and Estonia….

Kas sa teadsid sellest? Kas meie meedia või mõni eurosaadik on sellest rahvale rääkinud? Või on õigem sallivuse ja kooseluseaduse teemadel jahuda?


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