What just happened in Germany?

What just happened in Germany?

The University of Leipzig has recently carried out a survey of 2,240 German people, apparently in an attempt to understand why large numbers of Germans voted for the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the recent state elections back in March of this year.

I am unclear whether this can be defended as a large enough and proper representative sample of general opinion, but see here, here, here, here, and here.

Amongst their findings is: 50% of those surveyed complained that they sometimes felt like “foreigners in their own country.” The percentage rises to 85.9% amongst voters for Alternative for Germany (AfD) (seehere in German).

About 40% said people of a certain Third World religion should be forbidden from migrating to Germany.

Of those surveyed, 49.6% said that Roma Gypsies should be banned from inner cities.

11% said Jews “have too much influence.”

Could it be that open borders, the EU, and failed neoliberalism are driving Germans to hold more and more illiberal, intolerant and extreme opinions?

Maybe it’s time to terminate the EU, neoliberalism and mass immigration?

Vasakpoolsed tõenäoliselt jätkavad paremekstremistide ründamist toksilise identiteedi- ja lahtiste piiride poliitikaga (see on kõik, mis nad valesti näevad olevat). Nad ei suuda selle situatsiooniga toime tulla.


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