Clinton räägib hüperinflatsioonist, Trump annab Clintoni pihta tuld

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Donald Trump for One of the Few Things He Is Right About

…Speaking in Columbus, Clinton criticized Donald Trump for saying last month that the U.S. can never default on its debt obligations “because you print the money.”

“We know what happened to countries that tried that in the past, like Germany in the ‘20s and Zimbabwe in the ‘90s,” Clinton said. “It drove inflation through the roof and crippled their economies.”

But printing money — otherwise known as increasing the money supply – is a routine occurrence for governments that control their own currency. The Federal Reserve has increased its balance sheet by over $3 trillion since the financial crisis, explicitly to support the economy. (The Fed does this by buying stocks and bonds with electronic cash that didn’t exist before.)

In fact, an increasingly influential school of economics, known as Modern Monetary Theory, argues that deficit spending, including through money printing, is critical to promote full employment……

Clinton alustas hüperinflatsiooni juttu.

Samas pidas Trump väga hea kõne. ta andis kõvasti tuld Clintoni pihta, kahjuks Sanders seda kunagi ei teinud ja ütles pidevalt, et ta sügavalt austab Clintonit. Mulle see viimane kindlasti ei meeldinud. Trumpi kõne soovitan lugeda:

Full transcript: Donald Trump NYC speech on stakes of the election



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