The Red Pill it is.

by Neil Wilson

The Red Pill it is.

…Let’s remind ourselves what this referendum has taught us:

  • Open borders is finished as a concept. People want nations for the same reason they want family and not just friends. People like their friends but want to live with their family – behind their own front door. Demonising nations is like demonising family, and needs to stop.
  • Basic Income kills people. If the state ignores its obligation to find people something to do, the extremists will step into the gap and find them something to do. If we want to stop more extremist murders and violence, then we have to ensure everyone is engaged in society  – supported by appropriately staffed Social Care.
  • The Single Market is largely irrelevant to the UK – and likely dangerous. Its purpose is regulatory harmonisation. But regulatory differential is how you control globalised operations – force them to be different in every nation so that they can’t get power over the nation from economies of scale.
  • We now need politicians that actually represent the voters in their constituency. It’s very clear watching the excellent John Harris videos on The Guardian, that the views of the MP differed markedly from the view of the voters. And even when that was demonstrated clearly to the MP the MP carried on with their own viewpoint like a true zealot. This is all a result of intersectionality, identity politics, quotas and the rest of the Regressive Left machinery. All of that has to be jettisoned if we are to make progress for ordinary people.

International socialism is dead, and if we are to avoid the resurgence of national socialism we need to put an attractive alternative in the gap.


So we need a National Contained Capitalism. One where markets are contained in the same way as nuclear reactors and for the same reason. We want the power without the boom…



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