Bill Mitchell Brexitist, respekt

Why the Leave victory is a great outcome

The class struggle is back! Who would have thought. After years of being told by the likes of John Major and then Tony Blair that “the class war is over” (Blair) and the we now all live in “the classless society” (Major) the working class has fought back, albeit under the motivation of the looney, populist Right rather than a progressive left, who remain a voice for capital….

….On Friday morning (Australian time), as it became obvious that the Leave vote would win, I tweeted that it “Looks like it will be a great result for UK. Now British labour has to abandon its neoliberalism & provide people with a progressive future”.

I was met with immediate hostility by so-called progressives tweeting that I was “delusional” and that “you don’t know the UK very well, do you?” and that I was a “billy goat” (meaning stupid).

More nasty E-mails followed as the ‘progressive liberal elites’ interrupted their consumption of their cafe lattes and croissants to tell me that the hoy polloi outside of London didn’t have sufficient education to understand what they were doing or they were just mindless racists.

The Remain progressives, were by implication, full of knowledge and wisdom and non-racist.

I wonder how many of these ‘liberal elite’ types with good incomes and stable jobs had opened their well-appointed London homes to the migrants!

But, at any rate, I was told, categorically, in non-elite language, it seems, that anyone who feared for their jobs and opposed a flood of non-unionised workers who would work below minimum wages coming into their local labour markets, were despicable racists who should not be able to vote on these important issues……

Bill Mitchell kogeb seda, mida me kõik igapäevaselt. On twitteri avangard oma vankumatute tõdedega, kes neile vastu hakkab, sildistatakse rassistiks, natsiks jne.

Meil on kodukootud “natsi- ja fašismivastaseid”, kes näevad selles natside võitu.

Kaur Kender:

Hea lugu jah. Halb asi, aga hea lugu. Natsid võitsid. Šotimaa ja muud iseseisvused on jaburad. Kui iseseisvus ei hakka tähendama midagi sootuks muud kui rahvusriik, siis on see 2. maailma riigiks muutumine. Esimese maailma riigid, ehk rahvusriigid 2.0 on Five Eyes.

Mina teda tampima ei kavatse hakata. Ilmselt on ta osa sellest regressiivsest liberaalide pundist, kes arvab ise, et ta teeb head. Aga praegune ongi ideede ja tõekspidamiste vastasseis, see on igal juhul teretulnud, et see neoliberaalne türannia lõpetada. Et kui saabub revolutsioon, siis ei tohi seda karta.  🙂 Loomulikult on status quo pooldajaid kõikdes revolutsioonides.



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