Brexitiga seoses meenub üks teine lagunemine

Tuleb ehk mõneti tuttav ette seoses Brexitiga:


VILNIUS, U.S.S.R., Jan. 11— President Mikhail S. Gorbachev implored Lithuanians today to remain within the Soviet Union, warning that secession would mean economic calamity for this tiny republic, while weakening Soviet security and endangering his own position and program.

But Yuri D. Maslyukov, a fellow Politburo member who joined Mr. Gorbachev as he started a three-day mission to stem the tide of separatism here, told factory workers that Lithuanians have a legal right to secede by popular referendum and that a law to specify the steps for making and implementing such decisions was being drafted in the Soviet Parliament.

For his part, Mr. Gorbachev noted that he would accept such a law but he sought to persuade Lithuanians that the procedures covering a secession would be costly and far from simple, involving negotiations on defense, trade, communications and possible compensation for Federal investments…..

Kas sa mäletad veel tolleaegseid liberaalseid vasakpoolseid, kes ütlesid, et jah, õigus, NSVL on täiesti vigane süsteem, aga me peame seda käigus hoidma, et etnonatsionalismi ja fašismi lainet ära hoida Euroopas? Ok, ma ka ei mäleta selliseid, nüüd on neid küll. Näiteks Varoufakis ja tema fännklubi ajab sellist juttu.


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