The Demonisation of the Working-Class Shames Our Nation

by Huffpost Politics

The Demonisation of the Working-Class Shames Our Nation

Something very nasty is happening. A group of people, the most exploited within our society, are under attack.

Their marginalisation has been going on for years. But it has accelerated disturbingly since 23 June.

Few among the political class really understand them. These people live in modest homes in the grittier parts of the country. They work in factories, call centres and on building sites, often for low wages. They like football and watch Coronation Street. They sometimes hold old-fashioned views around things such as religion, family and nationhood. Some of them drive white vans.

They are the people who tipped the balance to lead us through the EU’s exit door.

They are the new scapegoats.

They are the working-class.

The sneering contempt displayed towards these and all of the seventeen million who voted Leave by the resentful new alliance of metropolitan liberals, know-all academics, no-mark ‘celebrities’ and know-nothing-yet students should trouble us all.

To these self-appointed guardians of enlightened society, working-class Leave voters are another breed. Certainly borderline racist, if not the real thing. Thick and uneducated, they could hardly be expected to understand the issues at stake in the referendum or appreciate the benefits of a progressive institution like the European Union. So they were easy prey for the Farages and Murdochs who appealed to their base instincts.

And now they are responsible for all things negative that have occurred since the referendum vote, from the initial financial instability, to wrecking the futures of the young, to every racist incident on our streets.

At least that’s how the script goes.

Except that the script is patronising and wrong……


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