Long Live Revolution :)

Carney sacked, Lord Farage and bye-bye Scotland. Oh, and a brand new party! PETER OBORNE looks into his crystal ball to see what the coming months might hold 

There have been two great democratic moments in post-war British politics. The first was in the 1945 General Election when victory for the Labour Party under Clement Attlee swept away the old British establishment and brought in a new era of social democracy.

The second is today. Just as the old establishment was swept aside in 1945, we have seen a popular revolution against a bankrupt political class……

…..Our message should be: No European people should have to accept the extinction of national democracy. No European people should have to accept mass unemployment and savage deflation — or massive extra taxation — to prop up the euro. No European people should be obliged to accept indefinite immigration, or to accept the continued failure and waste built into the Common Agricultural Policy and the fisheries policy and a host of other EU boondoggles. No European people need accept the folly of an EU army and the pretensions of an EU foreign policy.

On this basis, June 23 will go down as one of the great democratic moments in British history — and celebrated for centuries to come.


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