The Class War is Back

by Lord Keynes

The Class War is Back

In a manner of speaking. See this splendid piece here by Paul Embery:

Paul Embery, “The Demonisation of the Working-Class Shames Our Nation,” HuffPost Politics, 1 July, 2016.Except the new class war is being waged against the working class by an arrogant, metropolitan, snobbish, middle-class leftist elite that rules the left at the moment, with hordes of young university-educated leftists in tow.

The elite is, to a great extent, influenced by economic neoliberalism (think: New Labour).

The mass of supporters and especially the young are steeped in Postmodernism and all its rotten ideas (cultural relativism, truth relativism, moral relativism, identity politics, etc.). Their core beliefs stand in stark contrast to an older generation of leftists like Noam Chomsky, who in his heyday had utter contempt for their ideology. The worst elements of them are what can be called the regressive left.

A core element of this leftism is its quasi-religious faith in open borders and mass immigration, which is becoming politically toxic all over the Western world, for its deleterious economic and social consequences…..


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