Watch Julian Assange in Stunning BREXIT-TTIP-CLINTON Interview Cut Short by ITV

Watch Julian Assange in Stunning BREXIT-TTIP-CLINTON Interview Cut Short by ITV

Before the dramatic BREXIT vote in the UK, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange gave an insightful interview – delivering key commentary on the EU referendum issue, TTIP and the upcoming US presidential election.

On the issue of Britain’s EU referendum, Assange discusses where he believes the political lines have been drawn for those wanting ‘IN’ (REMAIN) and ‘OUT’ (LEAVE). Presumably, Assange is speaking about the current British Left vs Right political paradigm.

Right IN: “a vote for the (new) Empire”
Right OUT: “a vote for the old Empire”
Left OUT: “another world is possible”
Left IN: “another world is not really possible at all”

“On that Right ‘IN’ camp, you really have to include the Blairites (followers of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair). There’s been a range of vulgar Transatlanticists from Hillary Clinton to Hillary Benn pushing the stay ‘in’ (REMAIN) case… (…) The United States wants to keep the UK in the EU to be its man in the EU…,” said Assange.

More crucially, Assange points out how the current UK government routinely uses the EU aspolitical cover for its own decision making, including Britain’s adoption of pivotal agreements likeTTIP.

Assange also revealed some new damning information regarding US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and spoke up upcoming leaks related to her private email server scandal. Just as he was getting into the meat of this information – the ITV host Robert Pestonpromptly cuts off Assange in mid-stream. Watch:


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