It’s not about telling them

by Neil Wilson

It’s not about telling them

It’s not about telling them. It’s about persuading them that you have a better vision for their lives. and that the lies coming from the neo-liberal establishment are there to crush their lives. That’s what “take back control” means. A genuinely New Deal from an independent UK government.

I can guarantee everybody a job with a decent living income, a house to live in in their community and a pension to look forward to — all within a society that prioritise education and healthcare for local residents whatever business thinks. Because I understand what power government has within its own currency area to command the resources within it.

And yes the New Labour approach is the reason Labour has been losing support hand over fist for 15 years and has lost the last two general elections — because at the same time the Tories have roared back from their 1997 nadir. That approach no longer works. It was a one off opportunity and its over.

How many more elections have to be lost before Labour realise that the game has changed?

You can’t create the biggest private debt bubble in the world again. That has already been done and failed disastrously. You can’t rely on the financial sector ‘self-regulating’. The banks have to be proscribed to a short list of useful services and kept on a short leash. You can’t listen to mainstream neo-classical economists who suggest all you need to do is a bit of redistribution while keeping largely out of the way. Those that have lost out to the international globalisation fetish are demanding restitution. It isn’t enough to stand to one side any more.

So are we going to tell people that government has had enough of kow-towing to business and finance interests and that it will put people first ahead of business? Are we going to tell business that they are there to serve the people, not the other way around — and that by doing that business will actually make more far more money than they are doing now? Are we going to tell those in the North that the focus on London will end and that government will ensure income circulation in the Regions and in particular to the devolved areas? Are we going to end the ‘British Model’ of importing growth through immigration and concentrate instead on investment in automation, research and driving productivity — providing the private sector with new innovations from a resolutely public university sector?

A better management of neo-liberal corporatism isn’t a vote winner any more. People voted out so they can get something that is outside the remit of the EU treaty — jobs and a life to look forward to in a community they enjoy living in.

Time to put forward a New Deal. Our voters demand it.


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