What the Trident Debate taught us about government spending

by Neil Wilson

What the Trident Debate taught us about government spending

That is what is so revealing about debates over military spending. When the chips are down the numbers become irrelevant. Not one government minister anywhere has ever said that they can’t bomb Baghdad, Bazra or the Balkans because they don’t have the budget.

Of course that is because the numbers are indeed largely irrelevant for all government spending. In fact the numbers have become a mechanism in debates to avoid talking about the substance of government intervention in the economy — what the government proposes to use resources for, where it is going to get those resources from, and what the alternative uses are for those resources……

Või oled sa kuulnud mõnda poliitikut väitvat, et Bagdadi ei saa pommitada, sest sellest tuleks inflatsioon? Aga väited on just sellist laadi, kui jutt on sotsiaaltoetustest, tööhõivest vms.


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