“We will be witnesses to EU’s disintegration”

“We will be witnesses to EU’s disintegration”

– I am convinced that we will be eyewitnesses to the disintegration of the EU as a political creation. What will follow is THE liberation of countries from this alliance, for which a project existed in the U.S. as far back as in 1950, with the goal of controlling Europe. Today, the EU is like a monster on behalf of which nameless bureaucrats are deciding on all aspects of our lives, from one minute to the next. Charles de Gaulle had a far better concept – nation-states cooperating, negotiating on common issues, but remaining sovereign in every aspect. Italy is a ripe candidate to leave the EU, as is Hungary, and soon maybe even France if Le Pen gets greater support. Then everything will unravel very quickly. The reaction against Brussels has just begun. Euro the currency is a complete failure. The economy in Europe is being destroyed on behalf of several major international banks, some of which are on Wall Street. It is up to citizens of Europe to decide what their future will be.


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Defitsiidi terrorismi vastase pataljoni eriüksuslane (finantsignorantsuse vastu võitlemise osakond). Treening: MMT, postkeinsism, Tartu Ülikool Majandusteadus
Rubriigid: English. Salvesta püsiviide oma järjehoidjasse.

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