Saving The EU From The Euro, The Most Extreme Neo-Liberal Trap

Saving The EU From The Euro, The Most Extreme Neo-Liberal Trap

….Despite the evidence staring leaders and officials in the face, the discussion in the European Union and in the eurozone remains prisoner to Europeanist conformism, as if the culture, the treaties and the political agenda driving European integration and still running the show weren’t deeply rooted in neoliberalism. Neoliberalism has failed, but for the most extreme neoliberal manifestation, the euro-zone, it’s business as usual. We keep hearing rhetorical invocations of the United States of Europe or, at least, “more Europe”, and calls for a eurozone treasury minister. On the left, and even more so in a significant part of the so-called “radical left”, it’s even worse: what’s being proposed is a completely unrealistic democratization of the EU and whoever attempts to point out the unsustainability of the single currency and urges reflection on a Plan B for moving beyond the euro in order to save the EU is dismissed as a sovereign-tist, a neo-nationalist, a populist, and consequently associated with Grillo,Salvini, Le Pen and Farage…..

See saab lõppeda ainult paugu ja paanikaga. Kujuta ette, et Brüsselist tuleb sõnum, et peaministrid kohtuvad selleks, et eurost loobuda ja hakata ettevalmistusi tegema selleks. Mida sina oma vabade eurodega teeksid sellisel juhul?


About Kristjan

Defitsiidi terrorismi vastase pataljoni eriüksuslane (finantsignorantsuse vastu võitlemise osakond). Treening: MMT, postkeinsism, Tartu Ülikool Majandusteadus
Rubriigid: English, Estonian. Salvesta püsiviide oma järjehoidjasse.

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