IMF ja Brexit

Brexit embarrassment for IMF as it admits market turmoil has ‘ebbed’ after doom-mongering

In the run-up to the EU referendum, the Fund issued a series of doom-laden warnings about tumbling growth if Britons voted to quit the bloc.

But now it has conceded the “short-term turbulence” in the financial markets has “ebbed” – a little over two months after the historic poll.

The admission represents an embarrassing climb-down for the IMF, which also admitted growth ahead of the vote “surprised on the upside”…..

….Manufacturing activity recorded its biggest month-on-month increase in 25 years in August, according to data by Markit.

The financial services firm said factories were returning to “business as usual” following a downturn in activity after the June 23 vote.

The news came ahead of the this weekend’s G20 summit, where the Prime Minister will declare Britain is “open for business” around the world…..

Ma olen juba mõnda aega korranud, et EL on katse luua impeeriumi ning sel pole majanduslikku õigustust, liikmesriigid ei võida liikmelisusest majanduslikult. Muidugi võiks Brexiti puhul öelda, et Brexit pole ju reaalselt veel toimunud? Jah, võiks küll, aga läbi sentimendi muutuse pidid negatiivsed tulemused saabuma. Arvan, et kõigil liikmesriikide majandustel läheks paremini, kui EL laguneks.

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